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BeMOST will advance our knowledge in the field of microbe-plant-arthropod interactions. Doing so, it is expected it will propose novel IPM tools such as new biocontrol agents.

Our project is in line with European economic and environmental policies; hence, it is expected that, additionally to science, it will benefit agriculture, economy and the society. Arthropod pest species included in this project are among the most devastating pests in several crops worldwide. For their control, much research focuses on the development of environmental-friendly tools such as insecticides based on plant substances and biopesticides that are compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

In addition, BeMOST will recruit 3 young researchers to conduct their PhD/postdoc for the course of the project. Capacity building and transfer of knowledge among the partners will be achieved with foreseen short-term mobility training of BeMOST students to the lab facilities of members of the BeMOST research team as part of the implementation of the project.

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